The Benefits of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy provides an opportunity for you to express your full range of emotions, thoughts, memories, and fears in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.


This safe environment is critical to allowing the process of identifying and reworking your significant emotional experiences and internalized issues that have lead to conflict and suffering.


The change in therapy takes place on a much deeper, emotional level and, as such, requires re-working the way we see the world and feel.


"For every complex problem, there is a simple solution..........and it is wrong"

H.L. Menchen


If we could do all of this ourselves, then change would be easy. Unfortunately it is not. Individuals who have experienced therapy, however,  can find themselves feeling:

  • more energized
  • more engaged in their world
  • better able to manage emotions more effectively

As psychotherapy progresses, one finds their relationships improve as do their feelings about themselves along with a sense of confidence and competence.