WELCOME to my psychotherapy practice!


If you are reading this you are probably considering psychotherapy for yourself or someone you deeply care about and are looking for a skilled, competent therapist.


I am a board certified licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years doing individual, couples, and group therapy, psychological assessment, and corporate consultation.


My hope is that the information on the following pages will give you more insight into my professional approach and will assist you in making the choice of a therapist that is right for you. 



Don't Feel Alone!

Last year, more Americans than ever before sought assistance with mental health issues. It is important to note that this does not necessarily mean that all were mentally ill, but it does indicate that more people are informed about mental health issues and are interested in doing something about them, even when their symptoms are not debilitating. 


Results from numerous studies have shown that individuals who sought help from psychologists found relief! Interestingly, a study by Consumer Reports found that 90% of people who participated in psychotherapy found improvement.


People who come to psychotherapy are often very competent people with responsible jobs, families, and basically function well in general. These people, however, seek psychotherapy because an aspect of their life isn't working as well as they would like. This could be involving a spouse or partner, an employer, or even a relative or close friend.  It could also be because they are experiencing depression, anxiety, loneliness, panic or even problems with substance abuse.


Despite their own strengths and competence they have not been able to resolve these issues alone. This is, indeed, a human condition that many of us face from time to time and requires help from a trained, third party.


Psychotherapy does not have the stigma that it had in past generations and that psychotherapy is now sought as a first thought in finding relief for the many problematic life issues.