Psychotherapy is serious business.

Psychotherapy is serious business and, as such, I treat your concerns with the seriousness and dignity that you deserve. Psychotherapy is a very personal choice and often an intimidating step. It is, however, a healing relationship and a process that works toward alleviating suffering and fostering human flourishing.

My view of the human person


I view the human person from a holistic perspective. That is, I view the human person as being uniquely created and composed of many dimensions: psychological/emotional, relational, bodily and spiritual. My medical and nursing training have additionally afforded me the ability to even more comprehensively understand the human person and thus be able to collaborate more fully and efficiently with the medical community (including  primary care physicians, psychiatrists, as well as other medical specialists). My advanced training in pharmacology further enhances my ability to collaborate with prescribing physicians in better monitoring any medication you may need to take or eliminate.

A Personal Choice

Psychotherapy is indeed a serious process, the foundation of which is the therapeutic relationship between the patient and the therapist. Actually, research has clearly shown that the most significant variable involving therapeutic change IS the therapeutic relationship, more than techniques and skills. This therapeutic relationship sets the stage for safely exploring inner conflict and suffering and its relationship to current functioning.


People seek psychotherapy for a variety of reasons and is frequently an important first step for many people.  Some individuals seek psychotherapy because of long-standing, chronic difficulties that are unsolved such as anxiety, depression, and stress. Others find psychotherapy helpful in dealing with intense life challenges such as divorce, grief and loss, as well as work and school transitions.


Regardless of the reason for seeking psychotherapy, this process can be helpful in:


  • overcoming obstacles, suffering and pain
  • enhancing self-esteem
  • developing new attitudes and skills in an effort to appreciate life more.

Individually Tailored

Opening up your soul to a stranger requires a great deal of trust. Our practice provides a comfortable and private setting for you to share your feelings with us.


Psychotherapy is very personal and is tailored specifically and uniquely to each individual. Initially we explore your concerns and try to help you identify the problem. We collaboratively develop goals in which you become an instrument in developing your personal and unique treatment plan.