Structure of Treatment

The length of the psychotherapeutic experience varies with each patient. It can be relatively short-term for more solution-based issues or a longer time frame for issues of a more complex nature. 


We will usually meet for a 45 minute session. I am respectful and mindful of your time and will try very hard to value this time by not making you wait for your assigned appointment as well as ending at predetermined times.


Instrument of Your Own Treatment

In order to gain the greatest benefit for your psychotherapeutic experience it is important that you become an "instrument of your own treatment." By this I mean that psychotherapy is a collaborative effort, one in which the therapist and patient identify issues and develop goals for their resolution.


It is your personal experience therefore it is important that you:

  •   feel free to bring up and discuss those things that are important to you:

--self inititate conversation

--feel free to ask for clarification

--feel free to share any thoughts, feelings, concerns and fears


  • Continue the process of this therapeutic work in-between sessions:

--you may be asked to complete "homework" assignments in the form of

--journaling your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, experiences

--charting certain feelings and behaviors

--practicing skills learned in session