My Therapeutic Approach

I am a results-oriented clinical psychologist and my approach to "state-of-the-art" care involves empirically-supported treatment that is delivered in a personally developed manner. These treatment strategies have been found to be effective in rigorous research studies.


I practice with a cognitive-behavioral orientation however my therapeutic style draws from several major theoretical approaches to psychotherapy including developmental history and interpersonal process. I also believe that mindfulness and spirituality can play an important part in the therapeutic process.



I would like to think that I provide a roadmap for this therapeutic journey. My therapeutic work is focused on helping patients end needless suffering and curtail self-defeating behavioral patterns that result in depression, despair, alienation and dependency as well as a variety of addictions.I try to focus on each patient's unique strengths in addition to their conflicts and struggles. I am interested in my patients finding a personally meaningful way of dealing with life and it's challenges.


Insight Alone may not be enough


I find, however, that awareness and insight alone are often not enough in allowing patients to make the changes they so desire. I, therefore, incorporate skills and techniques from more "action-oriented" therapies that are geared toward learning new skills and behaviors more conductive to adjustment.




I take my work very seriously and attempt to provide a therapeutic environment that allows my patients to examine current as well as long-standing issues with the hope of developing resolution. My hope is that you will view this therapeutic experience as a collaborative relationship or partnership. Thus, I work with each patient in establishing goals with the end result of striving for inner peace and a congruency between one's values and its experession in healthy functioning.


Teaching and Research


Lastly, my teaching allows me to keep up-to-date on the latest research and treatment innovations. I am then in an advantageous position to incorporate and implement them, when appropriate, to achieve the best results.